St Paul’s Catholic Church Mt Lawley

Covid updates


Contact Registers and/or QR codes for the Safe WA App are mandatory in our Church, to assist in undertaking contact tracing if it is required.

All public establishments need to keep a register of attendees in accordance with new state decrees. A very effective way to do this is using the SafeWA QR Code Reader.


All parishioners are asked to download this App onto their mobile devices.

For those without mobile devices, or anyone who refuses to use the app, their names will be entered into a register at the church entry, noting time and date of visit. Children 16 and younger do not need to be registered. 


Last updated: 1 May 2021 at 12.01am

The WA Government has declared a State of Emergency for Western Australia. For updated details, including State of Emergency Declarations and Directions, visit COVID-19 coronavirus: State of Emergency Declarations.

Updated information from the Government can be found at:


Updated 2nd May 2021

Parish Reminder: Face Masks, Church Doors & Live-Streamed Masses

Because the State Government is now telling us to be prepared for lock-down periods that may be necessary from time to time this year, here are two clarifications about our parish procedues:

Face Masks
When they are mandated to be worn indoors, everyone at Mass should wear masks, with these exceptions:
– the reader when reading the First & Second Reading and Prayer of the Faithful at Mass
– the priest when reading the Gospel and preaching the Homily (at all other times, he will wear a mask)
– the cantor when singing 
Everyone else in the congregation, other than children, should wear a mask at all times, when this has been mandated by the Government.

Church Doors
On weekdays, the church side door (near the Presbytery) is open The front door is closed due to problems we sometimes have with outsiders trying to access the poor box and money boxes in the porch. For weekend Masses, funerals, etc., the front door is open.

Pre-pandemic, when more people attended weekday evening Masses, there were always men seated in the last pews. If Father saw someone rummaging around in the porch, he could give a signal to these men and they would go to the porch to shoo these ‘visitors’ away But now, with fewer people attending weekday Mass on a regular basis, Father doesn’t want parishioners – especially elderly ones – put in the position of confronting someone in the porch. Hence the front door remains closed on weekdays (although people can exit through that door).

Live-Streamed Masses
We stopped live-streaming the weekday Masses on 12th April.  
However, we do continue to have Mass every day at 5.45pm in church (some people thought we stopped having weekday Mass altogether).

We continue to live-stream Masses on these days:
– every Saturday at 4.30pm (the Sunday Vigil Mass)
– every First Friday at 5.45pm
– every First Saturday at 10.00am (preceded by live-streamed Rosary at 9.35am)
– liturgical solemnities and feastdays that fall on weekdays
– any days when we are in lockdown and the church must be closed – 5.45pm Mass will be live-streamed.