Growing in Faith

All are warmly welcomed to RCIA.  Grow in knowledge of your faith!

The next 2-yr series of RCIA will commence, with sufficient interest, in the spring.  All interested persons to get in touch with Fr Tim or Fr Mariusz.

Wed 31st May:  To celebrate our last RCIA session of the 2-year program, we had a special topic:  Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about the Catholic Church But Were Afraid to Ask!  

Sessions are usually held in St Paul’s church undercroft, 7.30 – 9.00pm (following Holy Hour on Wednesday evenings). If you are not a Catholic but would like to learn about the Church, whether in view of possibly joining the Church or just to gain more information, or if you are a Catholic but would like to grow in your knowledge of the Faith, please contact one of the priests.

View live-streamed RCIA here.

Tue 29 Aug: Bible study 7.30 – 9.00pm in the undercroft.

We are studying the Book of Joshua and learning of the challenges faced by God’s People as they emerged from their 40 years in the desert to enter the Promised Land – and it wasn’t an easy task! Come on!

Bible Study is usually held on Tuesday evenings from 7:30pm to 9pm in the church undercroft.  All materials provided. All are welcome!

In the initial 2022 sessions, Father Tim showed some DVDs about biblical stories, Holy Land travelogues.  

Then we studied the Book of Judges and its exciting stories of great figures like Gideon, Samson, Deborah and Judith.

In 2021 we completed Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible – eight engaging sessions to help you discover the richness of God’s word, looking at the overall themes, timelines & key people in the Bible.

In 2021 we also watched and thoroughly enjoyed Season One and Two of the Video series ‘CHOSEN’ which was an excellent TV series on the life and ministry of Our Lord.

In 2023 we continued to join together to watch the new episodes in Season 3.

Produced by Angel Studios, you can also watch the videos on a free app called:  The Chosen or watch it online at:


St Paul’s has a Parish Religious Education Program for primary school – aged children who do not attend Catholic schools. Trained Catechists use the resource “The Truth will set you free” and share their faith with the children.

We meet at 4pm on Wednesdays at St Paul’s Primary School, Learoyd St, Mt Lawley.

To contact the coordinator, Susan Brown by email   Click here



For excellent Catholic movies, talks, programs and much more, to nurture our faith while we cannot attend Mass.




Catholic Religious Education.  Wonderful resources for teaching children about the Catholic faith.



For readings/psalm/Gospel of the day and much more


Click on A Prayer Journal to access the Sunday readings and a reflection guide.

Read the entire bible in one year!

This Bible reading program by Fr Mike Schmitz of Minnesota USA walks you through the entire Bible in 365 episodes, providing commentary, reflection & prayer along the way. He’s at episode 181  as of July 2021.  You can view them on YouTube, Spotify and Apple iTunes. Click here to view from the very beginning.